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  • Tue, Aug 17 2010 9:48 PM

    Exporting OMF file from AMA footage

    A project I've been working on has used various shooting sources- EX-1, DVX, Vericam, etc.- Now, while trying to export the audio footage into an OMF or AAF, an error message keeps appearing saying that it cannot be completed because of AMA footage. When I try to transcode the audio footage, and even the footage with the video, the process goes about 1/4 of the way and freezes and will not continue. I was wondering what the solution may be for this? I am running Avid MC 4.0.5 on a PC and all of the footage is located on one harddrive. It seems like a neverending loophole and I'm just trying to dig myself out of it. Any suggestions would be grateful, thanks in advance! 

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  • Tue, Aug 17 2010 10:02 PM In reply to

    • Zac Hogle
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    Re: Exporting OMF file from AMA footage

    Hey Alan,

    You can't create an OMF or AAF with AMA files because the media is not there at all. Only MXF file media can be consolidated with that tool, or pretty much any tool for that matter. You have the right idea to transcode first. This will convert the AMA files into MXF media.

    As to why it's freezing, I can't say. Maybe try breaking your sequence into smaller chunks to isolate the issue.

    Here's a good thread on dealing with AMA:


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    Re: Exporting OMF file from AMA footage

    Try to consolidate instead of transcoding: it is essentially the same but when one technique does not work the other one usually does, don't ask me why as it is a mistery to me...

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    peace luca

  • Wed, Aug 18 2010 4:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Exporting OMF file from AMA footage

    Thanks everyone. I was able to consolidate everything, but the footage is still an AMA and I'm trying to transcode the footage into an MXF or AFA. Every time I start this process, I get an error message saying "Set AAF Properties() Invalid Media Type for MXF." Stil not sure what is going wrong...


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    Re: Exporting OMF file from AMA footage

    Hi Alan,

    here's what I did to get an AAF export with embedded audio from an AMA sequence on MC 5:

    I consolidated the audio only, with handles and converted the audio format to MXF, then I took the consolidated sequence and exported to AAF with copy all media, embed in AAF and AAF edit protocol selected.

    Transcoding audio doesn't work for me either.

    Hope this helps,


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