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  • Mon, Jul 19 2010 3:25 PM

    • ajessop
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    Editing Canon 7D/5D QT files in Avid then using Color 1.5 to grade it, issues?


    I will be shooting a Music Video on a Canon 7D and a Canon 5D this week. I will then be cutting on Avid Media Composer 5, using the AMA (Avid Media Access workflow). Thus not importing/transcoding any of the original media. We will be shooting 1080/25p, super-flat.

    My Colorist will be working in Color 1.5 on a Mac (with, I believe FCP 7 on it). He mentioned that he would want to receive an EDL and that I preferably cut in Final Cut Pro. I still want to cut in Avid. My initial thought was that I would cut a sequence with no effects in Avid then export an Animation (best quality) QuickTime and supply this on a hard drive, then the colorist would grade the sequence and supply the finished sequence wherre I could add any dissovles/effects where neccessary.

    Does anyone foresee and pitfalls or issues with my intentions and can advise me on the best way to approach this project.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Editing Canon 7D/5D QT files in Avid then using Color 1.5 to grade it, issues?

    Not exactly sure how the color correction on FC works, but if you are giving your color correctionist a Quicktime output, it will be one long solid video clip.  Thus, I'm guessing, they would have to add edits on every shot so that the shots can be color corrected individually.  Even with key framable color correction, that would be A LOT of key frames.  Also, when they make a Quicktime to give back to you, it will again be a single video clip.  Not sure how you plan to do your dissolves at this point.

     I had something sorta like this, where I was given a bunch of PSAs, on tape, to author to DVD.  Upon looking at them I saw that the color was terrible and all over the place.  Not having access to the original timeline, (individual clips) I had to go through and add edits to almost every shot so I could color correct them individually.  The dissolves were the most fun! Wink  That was only a 60 second PSA so if your output is long, it is going to be quite the process.

    Finally, I'm also guessing that you are going to be losing some quality as you go back and forth making the Quicktimes, unless you do uncompressed, which will equal large files sizes.


    I don't know if this helps at all.  Hope I understood your plan correctly.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Editing Canon 7D/5D QT files in Avid then using Color 1.5 to grade it, issues?

    I've personally never done this, but ... can't you just export an EDL out of Avid instead (like they suggested with FCP)?

    Take a look at this tutorial (#15) from the great Christian Förster.

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    Re: Editing Canon 7D/5D QT files in Avid then using Color 1.5 to grade it, issues?

    I did something kind of like this a few years ago. It's a little tedious, but works. You or someone will need FCP to do it the way I did.


    1. Make your edit in MC. If you're using proxies (which you probably will, unless you have a really good computer. h264 playback blows ass for me so I transcode to DNxHD36), reconnect to your AMA media. I've had good luck with this so far. If it won't relink, try bringing in the AMA clips again to a new bin and relinking, check the option for AMA filename matching.

    2. Export an EDL. CMX3600 works fine.

    3. Export a self contained QT file. Format is up to you, but make sure it'll hold up since it's your master.

    4. Import the EDL and QT file into FCP. Open the EDL sequence and drop the quicktime over it. Add back the cuts to the quicktime. I recommend the down arrow and contro+V (yes, control, not CMD). It's tedious, but it works. Dissolves can be easily copied over too and will translate (but will not show up in Color). Remove everything from the sequence except for your master Quicktime and send the sequence to Color.

    5. Your colorist can now grade each shot as though he had anything else sent in from FCP. Shots will be divided properly and dissolves will render with handles so that when they come back to FCP they will render out properly.


    Color does take EDLs so you may be able to skip the whole FCP in part, but I've heard sending things back to FCP that didn't come from it doesn't work as well as you'd hope.


    Another possible option is (If you or someone you know has Adobe products) send and AAF to premiere, and an XML from premiere to FCP. I haven't tried this, and I imagine it could have problems with AMA, but it's worth a shot. I'll try it and let you know how it goes, but as of now I have not.


    Good luck with all this. It's all possible, but sometimes not as smooth a workflow as we'd like.

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    Re: Editing Canon 7D/5D QT files in Avid then using Color 1.5 to grade it, issues?

    Could you use Automatic Duck to export your sequence?

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