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  • Wed, Jun 30 2010 11:51 AM In reply to

    • roblof
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    Inorder to be a bug it has to be consistently reproduced by other people on other system
    That should read "by other people on other QUALIFIED system".

    Need to rant a litte here now...

    Maybe in the old days I would concur but today Avid's approach is to invite many more people into the MC-party, including amatures and semi-pro's. They can't be expected to have the qualified systems with the multitude of high-end systems now available on the market and obsolete in 6 months because they're replaced by new/better systems.

    Having a system that runs Liquid and mc4 all these years without any problems and then claim that mc5 is sooooo special that theese systems are now to become obsolete that they need to be igonred?!? I don't think so...

    Ignoring *several* users having exactly this problem on several non-compliant systems reported on this forum will eventually create non-happy users and force them into using competitors products. Those products may be buggy but at least it will *run* on their hardware.

    This is *clearly a bug* that shows on several systems and we'rs not talking about rocket science here - MC5 won't play clips anymore without stuttering and crashing and it worked flawlessly on mc4 on the very same hardware and OS! I've even installed XP and Vista to verify that this isn't some OS-specific problem. You can't even start editing on these systems anymore - Compliant or not!

    Avid want us to be compliant? But what about the other way around - As long as Avid want to play with Microsoft it needs to at least conform with WHQL to run and then we can speak about non-compliant systems.

    *I* want to report this bug to Avid and *I* want to know *how to do it the proper way*!

    Having non-avid people telling me that Avid won't accept my report isn't gonna work for me - It's not your call to decide what bug reports Avid will accept or not. You are not Avid and you don't have this problem showing (yet?).

    Let *me* have this communication with Avid and if they tell me that they won't accept my bug report then at least I've gotten an *official* answer for all of us having this specific problem.

    This is the very first time I need to report a bug to Avid and I can't find out how to go thru the proper channels.

    End of rant.


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  • Thu, Jul 1 2010 1:32 PM In reply to

    • Tom Pearson
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    i agree totaly i have been sucking on the avid teet since xpress  pro and this is the first time i have upgraded and it will not work right  at all  there own sound cards are not supported anymore  ie m box and if you mention it the responce is well pro tools dosent support it anymore well dont you own pro tools  so you made the choice to unsupport it i repete bad form

    i dont use protols i was using  the mbox as  a speaker snd  from my avid now that you dont support  the m box i have to go buy a consumer sound blaster to hear my professional editing app wtf were you thinking wait i know it went like this (hay we are not selling enough hardware from digidesign lets unsupport some sound cards and make everybody buy a new one hay sound cards are cheep nobody will notice we are screwing them) well kirk we noticed

    Mac Pro 3.5 gig 6 core 64 gig ram D700 radons with ssd os drive with a 20 tb raid, Artist Mix and Artist color Artist control [view my complete system specs]

    Tom Pearson

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  • Thu, Jul 1 2010 11:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    im not sure what is wrong, but reinstalling quicktime doesnt work, tried a bunch of settings, bin view off from text view, plays my h.264 content REALLY bad!dang thing.......................4.05 worked flawlessly now if i try color correction or changing the quality it crashes..........corethreads.dll is the crash module name.

  • Fri, Jul 2 2010 6:14 AM In reply to

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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    Are You seeing blu/yellow/red lines like I do at the bottom of the timeline on the TC bar? I'm experiencing jumpy playback in green mode on an PAL HD timeline with 5 video tracks and 16 audio tracks, occasional crashes too; it works fine in green/yellow mode. patch installed with no improvements. I usually stay away from .0 releases, but with Avid announcing a price increase in July I rushed to buy the upgrade to save a couple of hundreds, perhaps I should have kept on running MC 4 waiting for a more stable/mature MC 5 release... next I'm trying to install a different nVidia driver and see if that helps: according to the readme MC 5 supports nVidia 190.38 driver, while the 182.65 driver is supplied for Quadro FX 4800 crashing cards (!), I'm going to try that as well as a newer one if that doesn't work.


    *I* want to report this bug to Avid and *I* want to know *how to do it the proper way*!

    Having non-avid people telling me that Avid won't accept my report isn't gonna work for me - It's not your call to decide what bug reports Avid will accept or not. You are not Avid and you don't have this problem showing (yet?).

    take it easy mate I'm not deciding what bug reports Avid will accept or not, I'm just telling You what the procedure is: if some fiveish users on certified systems can reproduce the issue a moderator will submit a bug report to Avid engineering; You ask for the proper channel, this is it.

    PS needless to say that this project was playing nicely with MC 4 on this very system

    Symphony 21.9, BM Intensity Pro 4k, Windows 10, i7-5930K, 32 GB ram, Quadro K620 [view my complete system specs]

    peace luca

  • Sat, Aug 28 2010 6:34 AM In reply to

    • RJCastaldo
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    Has anyone figured out what is going on here? I am having a similar problems: on play, cpu usage goes to 100% and audio begins to stutter and repeat/echo. Occasionally, the picture hangs up as well. I also get these same error messages.

    I have attempted to identify and end any unnecessary processes, but so far this has not made a difference.

    Until recently, everything worked just fine and MC4 played flawlessly. 

    System #1: Media Composer 5.0, Avid Mojo (analog), Dell Precision 670, Dual Xeon 3.6 GHz, 6GB ram, nVidea Quadro FX 3450 (v190.38 driver), QT v7.6.6... [view my complete system specs]
  • Sat, Aug 28 2010 8:27 AM In reply to

    • Jayanta
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    ! Sometimes it happens in busty computers without any reason at all. Whereas the same project plays smoothly in much much less specked computers.Confused

    All Sorts of System as I am a freelance Editor [view my complete system specs]

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  • Wed, Sep 1 2010 3:18 AM In reply to

    • Pierre Corbeil
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    Hey, I revive this old thread because I am experiencing the very same problem. Has anyone found a cure ?

    New install of MC5.0.3 on a HP xw8400, Win 7 64. Can't play HD stuff correctly !

    I have been lazy, I cleaned MC4 according to the instructions but I left all other software in place (Adobe Production, etc..). Installing from scratch takes two days ! I'll do it if I have to...

    Station 1- MC / Intel S5520SC / 12 Gb / Quadro 4000 / Matrox MX02 LE Station 2- 00 - MC / Asus P6X58 / 8 Gb / Quadro 4000/ Matrox MX02... [view my complete system specs]

    Pierre Corbeil

  • Fri, Oct 22 2010 8:21 PM In reply to

    • daneholman
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    I experience the same thing with the blu and red lines and it crashes everytime. I have well above avids minimum requirements and I am trying to get this machine ready for our districts video club so the students can begin learning non-linear video editing. I have always been a fan of AVID but this is just crap.

  • Wed, Dec 12 2012 9:12 AM In reply to

    • avid
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    Re: Jumpy playback + crashes

    I was having the same problem, and finally fixed it by freeing up some space on my system drive.  I had about 6gb free, but evidentially that was not good enough.   Hope this helps! 

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