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    Re: Please Add an AVCHD Forum


    Tapeless Workflow and Formats

    AMA, P2, XDCAM, AVCHD, H.264 and other DSLR, nanoFlash, etc.

    STELLAR IDEA! We have been getting hit with a ton of tapeless workflow questions as well. The AVCHD ones stand out now because Avid doesn't quite have that one licked yet. But hopefully they will, with AMA and Mix & Match support as well.


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    Re: Please Add an AVCHD Forum

    I agree with Kenton that splitting up further then just Tapeless Workflows and Formats is not in sync with the current structure of the forum. Except from that, splitting up the topics will result in very difficult choices.

    For example with shared storage. Should we split that up in server and client? If there is a problem is it a server problem or a client problem? It will require posting of problems in multiple sub topics to be sure and will create much more work for moderators to keep threads in the right forum category.

    I wonder if a moderator will go through all the tapeless workflow and formats threads posted till now and move them to the new forum category. Just that will already be an interesting job.


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    Re: Please Add an AVCHD Forum

    Do we then sub it into a Mac and a PC forum of tapeless?

    Being delivered media on all most every variations of input formats on a weekly basis here that will be ingested into either Mac's or PC's with various versions of OS's I now automatically use a simple search to get me on track when problems arise.

    Basic search with required format name  ... then advanced options of relevance newest first.. posted by BobRusso. Usually with this setup within the first page of results I can jump to Bob's answer. This will be in a thread that invariably provides a solution if Bob did not.

    For me a tapeless forum COULD work but not convinced it is required.

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    Re: Please Add an AVCHD Forum

    For me a tapeless forum COULD work but not convinced it is required.

    That's how I feel about it.  It might work along the lines of the Film & 24p forum, but it also might just confuse new people who won't know if their problem is with their tapeless workflow or with a Media Composer issue.  

    I'd rather the search function be improved (hint: Google) and then we wouldn't need a separate forum for whatever someone is searching for.


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