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  • Tue, Jul 7 2009 8:57 PM

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    Import P2 from different Harddisks

    I coppied the whole P2 card to a ext. Harddisk. After "import P2 - Clips to bin" everything worked fine.

    After some time i decidet to buy a new one an coppied all the P2 stuff to the new harddisk.

    And now... i can't import the P2 files anymore. It always shows:

    "No P2 Media found. Are you sure you selected a P2 card media directory?"


    This post on the avid knowloedge base is exactly my problem, but whats the solution for this?


    What could cause the error:

    "No P2 Media found. Are you sure you selected a P2 card media directory?"

    Upon selecting a P2 directory to import clips to a bin, you may receive this error:


    "No P2 Media Found. Are you sure you selected a P2 card media directory?"


    You may be selecting the proper directory (rather than the Contents folder or the drive itself) but it still won’t import the P2 clips.


    This is because the clips were imported into the Avid previously from another location, and that location is still present on the system. The Avid registered the original location where the media (and metadata) came from and that an “Avid” master clip was created from it. When the same files are selected from a different location, the Avid no longer recognizes them as P2 media from a P2 drive or card, but as media it’s already encountered and placed within it’s database.



    I've now idea how to fix that. any help would be very very nice, please



  • Tue, Jul 7 2009 9:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Import P2 from different Place


    What version of Media Composer are you running?

    good luck,

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    Re: Import P2 from different Place

    Avid Media Composer v 3.0

    Any idea?

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    Re: Import P2 from different Place

    Jeez!  Thinking cap on!

    I have switched P2 projects between drives with no bother - I used the 'archive' P2 drive rather than the 'working' one for example.  Did it last week as I sent the working drive to a client but carried on editing from the archive.

    Are BOTH your drives connected (old & new?).  If so only boot up with new. 

    What is the destination of the virtual files (click and hold on clip for a popup).  Make sure the virtual drive letter matches between old and new.

    Hit 'refresh media directories' and 'mount all' too for good measure.

    Let us know how you do...



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    Re: Import P2 from different Harddisks

    I'm not sure if this will work, but I was playing round a few days ago testing how to relink P2 media and had a similar issue where clips that were already imported couldn't be relinked.

    I found if I started a new project I could import them into there ok. So maybe try that.

    Of course when I opened that bin in the original project all the clips were linked back to the master clips in that project. It's all a bit mysterious.

    Anyway, I found that as long as I gave the clips a source tape name when I first imported the media, then I could bring them back in through a new project, give them the source tape name again and then I'd be able to relink the media if I needed to.

    Not sure if that entirely makes sense, or applies to your situation, but could be worth a go.



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