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  • Thu, Nov 20 2008 1:40 PM In reply to

    • ceffoavid
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    any resolution? 

    Was it a licensing issue?


    Media Composer, Symphony, DS, Unity

  • Thu, Nov 20 2008 3:00 PM In reply to

    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    We are testing a version "fibre manager 5.1.1".

    There are no disconnection for the moment.....

    to be continued

  • Tue, Dec 9 2008 9:03 PM In reply to

    • krezlic
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Just some Information FYI.


    Yesterday when doing file search and delete's on the ME for .LOG files from quite a large project when deleting the .LOG files 2 clients during this process of removing the files had the same message lost connection to server.


    Might be unrelated but some info FYI if it comes back.



  • Wed, Dec 10 2008 10:19 AM In reply to

    • Jeyrem
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Dear all,

    I wanted to bring an information here.
    I see many of you seem to have this "Connection to server lost" with MN5 + Mac environment and I don't want you to think avid is not taking car of you :)
    So maybe this restore confidence :

    Avid is currently working on an issue that may be that one.
    Development is in progress at the moment and we try to fix this.

    If this can be fixed with a Medianetwork version, you can be sure that this will be added to a final build and will be available to all of you.
    I can't say for sure that you are all running into this specific issue, so a careful study of your system configuration may be necessary. But if it appears that you encounter THAT same problem then Yes, you could benefit of this fix.

    I will continue to keep you informed on this thread as soon as I have news.

    Thank you for your patience, please feel free to contact me if needed.
    Best regards,

  • Fri, Dec 19 2008 5:13 PM In reply to

    • mschneider
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh



    We are experiencing the same issue here.

    Symptom: Fibre-attached Mac Media Composer on Unity 5.1 will randomly dismount their Unity workspaces. Within a minute or so, the workspaces will remount on their own. This has happened on four separate systems though not at the same time. Typical frequence is 4-6 times daily or more.


    4 Mac Media Composers: OSX 10.5.5, Media Composer 3.0.5, Unity MediaNetwork 5.1, connected over Fibre Channel. Standard Def film projects, 14:1 resolution media.

    Have tried:
    Installing Unity MN 5.1.1
    Creating new Mac user, new Unity user, new Mac machine name/bonjour name
    Checked and cleaned fibre runs etc.
    Moved all four systems to another Unity Qlogic switch
    Changed the Atto config to a setting of "None" for the Interrupt Coalesce

    Eagerly seek assistance.

    Matthew Schneider Director of Technology PostWorks, New York 100 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor New York, NY 10013 212.894.4000 (work) 347.672.4192 (cell)

  • Mon, Dec 29 2008 4:54 PM In reply to

    • Jeyrem
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Hi Matthew

    According to your description and our exchanges off-topic, sounds like you suffer the same issue.
    Again the process is still the same for you and everybody : contact your Avid Customer Support Representative
     which will be able to say if, yes or not, you are in the same situation.
    I know you did it that's good.

    Avid is currently testing a solution that may fix a disconnection issue as I told you.
    I can tell you this is currently tested onsite and we'll have more answer in early january.

    Please stay confident till then.
    I will keep you informed.

    With kind regards.

  • Mon, Jan 12 2009 4:52 PM In reply to

    • Jeyrem
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Hi people,

    I wanted to give you some news.

    Avid is still testing the new solution onsite at the moment. At this point, we did not reported any new disconnection. So we may have fixed the issue.
    But we have to continue testing, and test all the possibilities and activities to be sure it's really fixed.
    Then the software will be released to public.

    I will keep you informed as soon as this becomes more "concrete". Probably soon.

    Best regards.

  • Thu, Jan 15 2009 10:16 AM In reply to

    • Jeyrem
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Hi all,
    Good news! The issue is now fixed!

    We've identify the issue described as Mac clients randomly disconnection from Unity MediaNetwork 5. You'd get an MN Fiber manager message saying "Lost connection to server" dans then 30sec later the connection would come back "server connection has returned".
    Avid has just released MediaNetwork 5.1.2 build, that you can already find on the download center. This is a Mac Client installer only, no server upgrade or whatever.
    Here the content :

    Fixed in Version 5.1.2: Avid Unity MediaNetwork v5.1.2 includes the following Macintosh client fixes:

    • Macintosh fiber clients occasionally disconnected and would reconnect 30 seconds later. This disconnect issue has been resolved in v5.1.2.
    • When JKL scrubbing or fast scrubbing on the timeline with Macintosh Ethernet clients, the client would get a very slow response causing the Macintosh “beach ball” to display and eventually an “Exception: AECIFS_ERROR.” The JKL scrubbing and fast scrubbing on the timeline no longer cause the slow response, the Macintosh “beach ball,” or “Exception: AECIFS_ERROR.”
    • Some files that were tagged for deletion on Macintosh clients were being left behind in the folder (for example ~avid_removed~xxx). All files that are tagged for deletion are now gone from the folder after the delete function has completed.
    • When using Final Cut Pro® there was a problem where the link to media for partially rendered effects was lost. This is fixed in the v5.1.2 of the Macintosh client software.
    I'm sure you'll get an Avid official communication soon about this new release, I just wanted to inform the ones that get the Mac Disconnection issue.

    With kind regards,
  • Tue, Jul 28 2009 2:41 PM In reply to

    • mrtrees
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    The issue  is not fixed, wea re running 5.1.2 and constantly get the same error message and the sam eproblems, to make mattwers worse we also suffer from workspaces not moutning from time to time.

    MC 2018.7.1/OSX 10.13.5/AJA IO4K/Nexis Client 7.10/ISIS server 4.7.11 Mac Pro 3GHZ 8 Core Intel Xon E5/32GB ISIS 5000 sys director/ 2 x 32 TB expansion... [view my complete system specs]
  • Thu, Aug 5 2010 12:11 PM In reply to

    • fredddddy
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    Re: LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER ????? grrrhhhh

    Well, sorry to relaunch the post, but I'm experiencing that issue since monday Aug 2nd 2010. I upgraded my workstations (all of 'em, ie 7 mac pro nehalem) with MC 5.02 (with Nitris DX) , MN 5.2, Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and FC41ES driver 3.21, all of that of course on a fresh formatted drive.


    Well, after 5 or 10min of use, there's a sudden message : "lost connection to server"...And it never comes back, I have to restart the workstations. There are no messages in the event viewer on the unity server (which is 5.1.3).


    Does anyone encounter the same problem with the new MC version ?


    Thank you a lot for your help !



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