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    Media Composer 2019.12.5 launched.

    Media Composer 2019.12.5 Live in Avid Download Center

    Great news… Media Composer 2019.12.5 is launched today Tuesday, December 2nd, 2021 @ 3:00 pm EST.

    IMPORTANT!!! This is our last patch off the Media Composer 2019.12.x stream. End of Support (EOS) for Media Composer 2019.12.x has already been previously communicated as of 12/31/2021. Please see the End of Service 2018.x and 2019.x announcement and Avid End of Life Dates Knowledge Base article.


      You are encouraged to upgrade to the newer Media Composer version. We have training videos that will guide you to get started with the latest Media Composer.


    1. Things to think about before upgrading.

    2. Migrating forward from 2018.12.x

    3. Avid online-learning-webinars


    Location at Launch: The Media Composer v2019.12.5 (Mac and PC) will be available on the Download Center only.  


    Status of Support Plan: The ability to launch this Media Composer 2019.12.5 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released. Media Composer 2019.12.5 is released on Thursday December 2nd, 2021 at 3pm EDT.


    (Windows) Installing the Editing Application

    IMPORTANT (Windows) Only a patch installer is provided for Media Composer v2019.12.5. You must have v2019.12 already installed. Then use the 2019.12.5 patch to update to v2019.12.5.

    What’s Fixed in 2020.12.5The following has been fixed.


    • Bug Number: MCCET-3824. Image quality on Render, Mixdown, and Preview might have been bad after reframing with FrameFlex.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-2929. You might have received an “Exception” error when performing a Digital Cut to tape immediately after capturing the tape.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3576. A gray border appeared when you reduced a 4K (UHD 3840 x 2160) TARGA file and converted it to a different project format.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3581. When working in a film project, selecting 16mm 40 count and 16mm 20 count both use the 20 frame counter.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4090. You might have received an “Exception. AMA Export failed” error when exporting XDCAM 50 as OP1a.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3464. (Avid Artist DNxIQ, Avid Artist DNxIO) Intermittently, when rewinding or fast-forwarding on audio only, playback stopped.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3977. In some instances, the User Settings pane appeared blank after creating a new Timeline profile.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3847, MCCET-4155. Default Media Creation settings for new projects and when switching to a different project format might have been incorrect.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4100. Media Creation Settings defaulted to H.264 800kbps proxy in 1080p/24 projects.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4151. (Production Management) Checking out a sequence that contained a clip that was referenced in many sequences might have been slow.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4053. When working with the List Tool, you might have received an “Assertion” error when previewing sequences with mixed frame rate or group clips.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3941. Imported markers did not display accents correctly if the text was from a 3rd party application.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4148. Double-clicking the Take did not load a subclip into the Source Monitor from the slate.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4055. The Paint effect window did not display properly.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3959. If you performed an Audio Punch-in and then stopped the
    • playback with the spacebar, the recorded segments might have been deleted.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4014. You could not login to MediaCentral CloudUX if the password contained a special character.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3940. Subtitles that included a dollar sign ($) exported from Media Composer did not display properly in some 3rd party applications.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3996. You might have received an “Assertion failed” error when performing a match frame with a sequence with group clips.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4025. You might have received a “This program is not supported on VM instances” message when launching a Media Composer VM with a Floating License.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3999. Changing the “Start” Timecode of a sequence from within the bin column, unexpectedly caused the drop timecode (DF) to become a non-drop timecode (NDF).


    ReadMe: Media Composer 2019 Documentation 

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