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  • Fri, Nov 13 2020 11:24 AM

    Exporting MC 2020



    I am trying to export from MC020 on Catalina, working in Apple ProRes, the project was begun on a pre-Catalina version the started on MC 2020 by mistake. I am trying to export a sequence as a MOV. I have exported two small subclips of the final timeline (about a minute) as a test, they worked fine. When I came to export the final programme (70min) all I got was black and no audio, but it did export. Before trying to export the sequence again I tried a test; I made subclips of the sequence and got this error message  "Could Not open file because "Invalid File Name". I made a new small sequence, same error, I tried with the subclip that had successful exported but the error occured, I tried exporting as aff, I swapped user settings, ( on starting MC2020 I had created my own new settings) But still the same error. Does anyone have any idea:

    A) What the problems is

    B) How I epxort to mov ?

    The export setting I used were: export as .mov, raster same as project, codec H264, compression H264 Audio Linear PCM. Basically all the setting I have been using for years.


    Thank you

  • Fri, Nov 13 2020 11:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Exporting MC 2020

    Was there any file in the sequence that had a filename that had any odd characters, especially slashes, backslashes, bars, etc.?

    Keep in mind – that includes not only the file itself, but also any folder above that file.  So if a filename was /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Documents/Media/Avid|Files/Project1/, that Avid|Files is probably going to cause a problem.

    Just to be sure, you're using the new H.264 export option, right?  The way you describe it, it sounds that way.  Just want to make sure.  If it's a process you've been using for years, the "correct" way might be a little different now.  But based on your description, it sounds like you're in the right place.

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  • Fri, Nov 13 2020 4:45 PM In reply to

    Re: Exporting MC 2020



    Thank you for your response.

    I will check this, I am working remotely on my director's equipment so this is happening over the phone.

    As a far as I remember we have not changed any file names since the successful exports. I am not sure what the new H.264 settings are, I am just selecting that as an option in the export window along with .mov. Is there another place this is hiding ?

  • Sat, Nov 14 2020 11:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Exporting MC 2020

    Also are you sure you are exporting to a location path that has no invalid characters as well as your export file name.

    To be sure try exporting using a simple file  name like into a simple folder off the root level of a drive.

    Just to be sure thats not the cause.

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