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    Coming Back to Media Composer: Relinking a project

    Hi all,  

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm coming back to Media Composer after about a 5 year break for some finishing touches on a film.  On opening up the project after recieving two hard drives, I see a significant amount of offline media in the sequences. Some of these instances are clips and some of these are subclips. I do have all of the original source media. Most of the offline media is labeled (as an example). This leads me to believe, based on my knowledge of MC's file management, that the previous editor imported these files instead of linking and that the transcoded MXF files live on a separate drive still in their posession. Is this likely to be correct? One more issue is that some of the video files in the sequence have offline audio and online video. I do not understand this. 

    I have tried relinking the sequence with different options (though probably not all) and get the remport that no files were relinked. I have tried tracking the files to their bins through finder and opening those bins, and relinking the source media- but again, many of the instances in the sequences appear to be subclips, which will not Relink to Files. I have Batch Reimported a few of them but it would take a super long time to follow that workflow and I would like to avoid that. I have refreshed the database files. 

    Any help moving forward is much appreciated. Specific questions I have are: SHould I be relinkning in the original project or is my duplicate sound to move forward in? Is there an automated or batch oriented way to bring these files back online? Should I contact the previous editor and inquire about the MXF files for the offline subclips? Why would some video files appear online with offline audio files? 

    I hope this is the appropriate forum to post this in: I am an experienced editor but am apparently very rusty in MC. I am working on a Mac, Mojave 10.14.3, in Media Composer Ulitmate 2018.12.1. I can provide screen shots if that would be helpful and am fairly new to posting so just let me know what other information might be helpful. 


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    Re: Coming Back to Media Composer: Relinking a project

    @wolcottavenue: welcome!

    Try this:

    1. Quit Media Composer.

    2. On your media drive, create a folder with this exact structure:

    Copy the MXF's into the "1" folder.

    3. Next, check this:

    4. Now relaunch Media Composer.

    Can you see your media?

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    Re: Coming Back to Media Composer: Relinking a project


    Does look like it's been linked to (usually file extension is in file name when imported), then copied a few times, then consolidated, then autosynced - I don't autosync much myself though.

    You could do Cmd/Control + i on a few clips to see if there is source path info that might help if you only have the original files. 

    Otherwise you could check all your Avid MediaFiles are in a sensible folder structure (/Avid MediaFiles/MXF/Numbered folder/). If the folder is anything but a number then Avid doesn't index it. If Avid MediaFiles isn't at the root of the drive then avid doesn't read it etc etc. 

    Avid native media is OPAtom - which means the audio is seperate files from the video, which makes for more robust playback & smaller consolidation, but can also mean video is online and audio offline and vice versa. 

    Might be best, if you only have sequences you want to relink, to string them all together in a mega sequence in its own bin, then try and relink that bit by bit. Hamburger menu/Set Bin Display / Show reference clips might be your friend here as it'll show all the clips that that sequence is referencing. 


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