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  • Thu, Jan 24 2019 2:12 PM

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    Avid error messages

    When adjusting a clip volume today, I suddenly got an error prompt on the screen, which told me something like "Media Composer has encounted a structured exception... followed by a lot of code" I could not execute further actions and the error prompt kept popping up - even when I tried to close MC. In the end I had to use Task manager to stop MC and restart.

    Software engineers seem to be experts at creating error prompts that are totally meaningless to the user - and Avid seems to excel in this black art. Interpreting the meaning often requires googling or sending the prompt text to a forum, none of which is possible because the prompt cannot be pasted to the clipboard.

    Besdies eliminating these irksome message, could I suggest that error prompts be copy and pasteable - and that some of the more cryptic ones be published and explained for the benefit of users?



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    Re: Avid error messages

    Having done some programing many years ago it may help if I explain what happens.

    When writing code there are always multiple outcomes of each instruction executed.

    The ones we expect to happen control the flow of the application as expected.

    We then add error trapping routines to catch outcomes we didn't exepct to happen but knew could happen.

    For these we generate a meaningful message to help the user understand why we generated an error.

    But that still leaves lots of potential errors we neither expected or planned for. Rather than just crash the application because the programme nolonger knows what to do next (based on what just happened) we raise a general error (or fatal error) and include the code that led to that step going wrong. This information is only useful to the programmer and even then only useful if the steps to creat that error can be reproduced and included.

    So yes it would be nice if unexpected fatal errors never happened but the nature of monthly updates and the fast development cycle make that almost impossible. And if not no errors then ore detailed error trapping but thats a lot of programming work spend not improving the software. So its a balance.

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