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  • Tue, Oct 23 2018 1:26 AM

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    reposition video clips?

    I guess I'm searching for the wrong words because all I can find is how to move video clips on a timeline. 

    All I need to do is render a video of five video clips playing at the same time. My project resolution is, for the sake of simplicity, 9600x1080, and I just need five video clips that are each 1920x1080 and 5 minutes long to play simultaneously, side by side. So the top left corner of the first one is at 0,0, the top left corner of the second one is at 1921,0, then 3841,0, etc. I've been able to get all five videos on five tracks, but I can't for the life of me figure out where to go next.

    I have a custom project resolution of 9600x1080 but whenever I drop in a clip and tell it not to scale/stretch it just puts it in the middle and won't let me move it anywhere. I think I'm supposed to use a superimpose effect but I can't find that in the effects (all) list.

    Any links to videos or instructions would be greatly appreciated. 



  • Tue, Oct 23 2018 7:36 AM In reply to

    Re: reposition video clips?

    From the effects palette, add 3D Warp the clips, then use crop to eliminate the black bars around the clips, and use Position (or mouse drag) to move them.

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    Re: reposition video clips?

    Picture in Picture (PIP) a blend effect (god knows why) is the effect you need.

    In your sequence add new video tracks until you have 5 tracks in parallel.

    Add you 5 video clips to each track all starting at the begining of the sequence.

    The top clip is all you will see initially as it will hide the clips "below" it.

    Now open the effects pallet and drag the PIP effect to the top clip.

    Open the effects editor if its not opened automatically and adjust the size of that effect to create the position and size of that windowed (PIP) clip.

    You can drag that effect from the effect editor to a bin if you want to reuse it.

    Now apply that saved effect (or drag again from the effect pallet) to the second from top clip.

    Again adjust to suit (if you use the saved effect and the size is correct you can just move the position)

    Then repeat for all the remainig clips.

    To fine tweak those PIP sizes and positions make sure you have the correct track enabled and use the effect editor.

    You may have to render to get realtime playback as you are asking your system to play all 5 clips at once.

    However I've just realised you are using MC First so are limited to 4 video tracks.

    So you may have to build the first 4 and then make a video mixdown to creat a new clip of those 4 and then build a new sequence and use that video mixdown as a source and then add the 5th clip as video track 2.

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