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  • Thu, Feb 1 2018 2:40 PM

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    GH5 V-Log 4K 59.94 to 23.976 workflow

    So, I thought I’d share my methodology for dealing with GH5 footage.


    Typically I’m trying to get 4K footage shot at 59.94 with a V-Log profile into a 23.976 project.

    And I want that footage to playback at 23.976 (essentially the over-cranked look)


    So what seems to be working for me is using Adobe Media Encoder.

    I set up a template that encodes the footage as Quicktime MOVs @ Avid DNHR - HQX 4096x2160 (matching my Sony F5’s resolution).

    I drag the clips into AME, select all and right-click to choose Interpret footage.

    I then set the frame rate to 23.976.


    (Side note: the GH5 doesn’t record 4K-10bit at this high a frame rate. But I like to bump up the bit rate for colour correction later. Doesn’t hurt.)


    After encoding, I find that using the AMA option and transcoding in the background results in numerous failures.

    So, unfortunately, I have to drag and drop the MOV files into a bin (making sure my project isn’t set to a proxy 1/2 playback).

    And then I have to wait.

    This is typically an overnight exercise.


    After import I select all the clips and change the Source settings to apply a V-Log LUT adjustment.


    If anyone has more efficient ways to do this, I’m all ears and would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Re: GH5 V-Log 4K 59.94 to 23.976 workflow

    I've been on a 4K GH5 project (shot at 10bits, the GH5 can do it at 23.976fps) for a while. Enough of a while that it started before MC could even deal with those files.

    Best workflow so far has been to prepare proxy files with Davince Resolve - AMA link in MC, export an AAF to Resolve, transcode to DNxHD36 with baked-in LUT for editing. And once we'll be done with editing, we'll export an AAF to Resolve and use it to conform to the original footage.

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