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  • Sun, Oct 30 2016 4:38 PM

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    Multicamera in 8.6.4 not only v1 playback - request (and more)

    some versions ago - maybe in MC 8.1.x

    avid developers introduced a new improved multicam mode. it was really improved and great.
    an after years and years of editing (since 1998 for me) i said "wow they made it finally!"

    one of the key features i found - is that the multicamera clip can now be played in multiangle mode from any track on the timeline (not only V1 as it was before)

    that thing changed my workflow completely, made it faster and more efficient.
    now i'm not limited to only one track (v1).
    it is really useful when you edit 
    music videos with many multiangle takes.
    in multicamera shows - where you have more than one filming location 
    in multicamera setups where you have more than 18 cameras and want to see them all

    A few days ago avid released MC8.6.4. 
    and the problem is that in this release developers 
    "fixed a Bug Number: MCCET-1384. If you were playing back in MultiCam mode, and the sequence contained a group clip on track 1 and video on track 2, the Source monitor might have displayed the video on track 2 instead of the group clip on track 1."

    so multicamera is now limited again to realtime play only on V1 :(

    now i'm really unhappy and all my efficient (really fast) workflow was broken.
    everytime i want to change current multicam group i must to replace clips on v1 and topmost tracks in my edit. (not just switch a v track as it was before)

    i want to ask developers to bring this feature (not really a bug) back.
    maybe it can be selectable in setting or somewhere else.

    and couple more of things:
    * can we have more than two camera banks in our multicamera mode?  
    we are living in 2016 and 24 (or more) channels of video is the reality we're working on.
    * can the numeric keypad swith these banks? now it can only edit first 9 angles - in the manual it described that it can but it can't. these switch-banks-buttons doesn't work at all.
    * can numeric keypad keys be ordered the same way when we edit and when we play multicam? - now they flipping upsidedown on stop/play. my mind is blowing because of that.

    * can we get Visual way of making mulitigroups? collapse a sequence into a multigroup? - like Group It For Me does.

    *can you make a way to modify groups - add an angle, resync one cam if it out of sync withaout syncing everything again and again?

    *can we relink a sequence to groups? - it will be very useful after resync 

    facebook thread:

    this forum (mac) thread


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