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  • Fri, Apr 29 2016 1:21 PM

    • Hugh Moore
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    NVidia GTX 750 Ti

    I have a GTX card in my system, and this is not working properly. My old card was Quadro Fx580 which works fine, but got carried away and bought a GTX Card to help with my Sony 4K Video.

    Im using 8.3.1 in terms of my licence.

    Ive tried rolling back drivers, and seeking whether I should re-install Windows 8.1 and use older drivers?

    Anyone else using the above GPU and if so, what OS/drivers are you using.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    I note lots of forum mebers have dual cards Quadro/GTX. Are you running them concurrently?





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  • Fri, Apr 29 2016 6:52 PM In reply to

    • Lukas Boeck
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    Re: NVidia GTX 750 Ti

    using quadro & gtx concurrently (davinci), works fine.


    if worst comes to worst, win 7 + mc 6.5 or 7 will give you a working setup sans 4k

    i'd widesr range of drivers to choose from.


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  • Sat, Apr 30 2016 3:54 PM In reply to

    • jcfrance
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    Re: NVidia GTX 750 Ti

    Hi Hugh,

    It seems that since version 8.5.2 my GTX 980 TI is recognized and now the launch of AVID at the splash, I get the message that my card is Qualified.

    Avid 8.5.2 has changed. Before there was a QualifiedGpuBoards.txt file that listed only certified cards, now that file is replaced by the DisqualifiedGpuBoards.txt file (empty at present) which disqualifies graphics cards. In other words: all cards are Qualified but there will be only when testting with your card that it will be confirmed.

    (i'm on W10 X64 PRO, latest driver NVIDIA Version: 364.72  WHQL for GTX 980 TI, the same for GTX 750 TI)

  • Wed, May 4 2016 8:53 AM In reply to

    • Dan_B
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    Re: NVidia GTX 750 Ti

    Traditionally avid only supports specific Qaudro cards with specific drivers.

    That being said there is a shift with 8.5.2.

    When you say my card isn't working properly what do you mean exactly?

    If you mean that your 8.3.1 MC doesn't recognise it as a certified card then thats correct, it will use it for display etc but won't use it to accelerate some of the fx and a few other things.

    In order to fool MC into using your card like a qualified system you need to alter hidden-ish documents which can make the system unstable/unpredictable when rendering/exporting/making video mixdowns.


    My personal recommendation would be to grab a trial version of 8.5.2 and give that a whirl.

    Although having said all of that i'm sure if Avid uses the GFX card for helping to decompress Sony 4k material anyway it may well all rest on your CPU for that.

    Try the trial and see if things improve at all.

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