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  • Wed, Mar 2 2016 8:03 AM

    CTRL-X CTRL-V in timeline with MC 8.5 what happened?

    Upgrading to MC 8.5 did came with some changes. One is the changed behaviour of copy and paste in the timeline.
    Now CTRL-V does not "insert" the copied clip (moving the other clips in the timeline)  but overwrites in the time line.
    This is very annoying as I use this way of editing a lot.

    The upgrade came with a complete system install. Did a miss a setting?

    Thanks for helping

  • Wed, Mar 2 2016 8:24 AM In reply to

    Re: CTRL-X CTRL-V in timeline with MC 8.5 what happened?

    I just tried this on my 8.5 system and CTRL+V inserted the clip. I could make it overwrite by selecting the red (overwrite) arrow before pressing CTRL+V.  Maybe you could change the behavior by selecting the yellow (splice-in) arrow before pressing CTRL+V, and hopefully the behavior would "stick" afterward.

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    Re: CTRL-X CTRL-V in timeline with MC 8.5 what happened?

    Yep. What Carl said.

    If it doesn't work automatically, try:

    Settings / Timeline Settings / Edit

    ... and change Default Segment Tool to the one you want. 

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    Re: CTRL-X CTRL-V in timeline with MC 8.5 what happened?

    I see this question is 3 years old with no answer.

    Ctrl + x and ctrl + V work differently depending on the avid I use.

    I have a desktop at work, laptop in the car and desktop at home.

    There must be a way to map the ctrl + v shortcut?

    where is there more info?

    I think it should work as it did for 25 years.

    that is;

    ctrl + X cuts the defined area on the timeline and closes the gap.

    ctrl + V inserts the defined area into the timeline at the new chosen spot,

    splicing it in.

    alt should  leave the space on X and overwrite with V.



    Currently the default is

    ctrl + X cuts and leaves a gap so have to ctrl + alt + V

    Ctrl + V overwites so have to ctrl + Alt + V to splice 


    how can I fix this?


    It should work the sam as if your editing a word document.

  • Tue, Apr 23 2019 12:02 AM In reply to

    Re: CTRL-X CTRL-V in timeline with MC 8.5 what happened?

    Hi, you are suggesting that on some systems, your Cut/Paste commands are doing like SpliceIns/Extracts, while on other systems, they are doing Overwrites/Lifts. And adding ALT reverses this behavior.

    I think you will find that you can change this, per system, by going into the Project Window, Settings, Timeline Settings, click the Edit tab, then below the middle, change the 'Default Segment Tool' setting to 'Segment Insert'.

    Chances are these settings differ on your different systems.

    As per Carl's and Chris' suggestions below. 


    Timeline Settings

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