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    • Bill Hellams
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    Re: best MC version to install on a Mac Pro early 2009

    I have an Early 2009 with a 2 x 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon and am still running Yosemite so I can continue to use my Bella keyboard.  Right now I am on MC 8.9.4, which is running fine, and just added Symphony today.  I have exchanged emails with Thomas who does that 12-core dual upgrade and it seems to me he knows what he is doing.  His recommendation was the 3.06 GHz upgrade for $950.  No small deal, but if it alows me to get to 8.10 and beyond and keeps me current for a couple more years then I think it just might be worth it.  Certainly beats the alternative.

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    • pierreh
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    Re: best MC version to install on a Mac Pro early 2009


    pierreh, Can you give any more information as to why your Mac Pro processor upgrade was "totally worth it"?

    Funny this thread was brought back, and clearly from your signature you did it...

    Totally worth it as it added more cores/virtual cores (don't know how much Avid uses, but Handbrake does for sure), and the CPU clock going from 2.26 to 3.46 is a pretty good increase in power too, it shows in rendering, exporting. Also, to do that, I had to flash the Mac to be a 5,1 with the benefit that it can run Sierra (and High Sierra but it still feels half baked) native.

    That, the GPU upgrade and the SSD boot drive are totally worth as they squeeze more life out of the Mac Pro until Apple finally releases a new Mac Pro - or we're finally forced to switch to PC.

    Now I don't know if spending $950 is the best way. Those processors are now available for very good prices and the operation is pretty easy if you can hold a screwdriver (or an allen wrench for that matter). $950 sounds like a lot of money for a CPU pair you can get for less than $300 IMHO.

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    Re: best MC version to install on a Mac Pro early 2009

    I upgraded my 2010 Mac Pro 1 year ago with a 3.46 12-core, including 64GB ram and I'm still extremely happy with the upgrade!  I went the ebay route and paid about $700 for the cpu/ram.  I also put in a new SSD and a new NVIDIA k5000 for Mac.  The performance and relaibility has been fantastic!

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