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  • Tue, Oct 6 2015 10:48 PM

    Avid workflow for Sony A7S

    From all my research I have come to the conclusion that Avid doesnt support the files from this camera and/or the XAVC-S format.(Correct me if I am wrong) because I have found on the Sony website that the PDZK-MA2_V3.4 says it does support XAVC-S however from reading the other posts and having no luck in successfully linking to it I don't believe that to be true.


    I am wondering what the workflow should be to get these files into Avid either transcoding to DNX(preferably lo-res probably DNX36) through da vinci and also successfully re-linking back when going online? 


    I am running Avid MC on Mac OSx Yosemite 10.10.2

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    Re: Avid workflow for Sony A7S

    Davinci resolve will see them, but it doesn't see the audio.  You get dead air.

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    Re: Avid workflow for Sony A7S

    Resolve 12 can read the audio (yay!), but no version of Resolve can read the time code (boo!).

    You've got some choices:

    1.  Use Catalyst Browse software from Sony.  If you own the camera it's free.  If you don't it's $199 after the free trial expires.  In my experience, the free trial lasted one launch.  (Boo!)  It has built in LUTS and can convert to XAVC-Intra and XAVC-Long  in UHD or 4K but ProRes and DNx are limited to HD.  And it's glacial (slooooooow).  Since you can apply LUTs within Media Composer, I wouldn't suggest burning LUTs into the transcodes especially because you're likely to use the transcoded material when coloring since the original media probably won't convey TC and/or Audio depending on where it ends up.

    2.  Use Edit Ready.  It's $49.   Can convert to UHD or 4K DNxHR and ProRes (select Custom output settings) also DNxHD and ProRes for HD.  Reads TC and Audio.  Can load LUTs, but you need to get them from somewhere first.  Very simple and fast.

    3.  Adobe Media Encoder can read audio and TC but because Prelude can't read TC batch processing is going to be tough.

    4.  FCPX can read the audio and transcode to ProRes, but no TC.

    5.  Resolve can read the audio and turn the files into whatever.  Again, no TC so make sure you designate a unique reel number for each "card" especially if the camera is set to reset the file names back to C0001 when changing cards.

    6.  <begin rant> Storm Sony with pitchforks?  This is rediculous.  AMA codec support is the manufacturer's responsiblity and the A7S has been out for over a year.  <end rant>

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    Must think of something clever to go here...

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    Re: Avid workflow for Sony A7S

    I use Edit Ready, just run a pass through (re wrap) then AMA into Avid and transcode from there.  It's the best solution.

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