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  • Thu, Aug 13 2015 9:21 AM

    Colour correction "through the day"


    I've been doing a series of timelapse drawings and the last one took so long it started at midday (high sun) and ended at night (with tungsten lighting casting green shadow).  Naturally, there will need to be several colour corrections.  I just wondered if CC can be keyframed, or something like?  In short, how to effect a gradualised/seamless colour correction operation in MC7?

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    Re: Colour correction "through the day"

    You can't keyframe Avid CC effects, but you can use add-edits and dissolve between them either on the clip itself or on a filler track above.


    Alternately, some 3rd party CC tools such as Boris do allow for keyframing.

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    Re: Colour correction "through the day"

    You mean Keyframeable? If you say so:

    You can use the advanced keyframes interface in the Effect Editor to animate most color correction adjustments and You can:


    1. Manipulate many color correction parameters in the Effect Editor using sliders or parameter Enable buttons. 
    2. Add and adjust keyframes for many color correction parameters in keyframe graphs, using the same methods you use for advanced keyframes in other effects. 
    3. View keyframe markers in the position bar below the Current monitor in Color Correction mode. 
    4. Automatically add keyframes by moving the position indicator below the Current monitor and then adjusting any keyframeable color correction parameter. 
    5. Check how your animated color corrections are working by scrubbing through clips in Color Correction mode. Color correction parameter controls and graphs update as you scrub to show the parameter values at each point in the clip. 



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    Re: Colour correction "through the day"

    Yes, you can keyframe all the CC parameters, but the downside is that if you copy the CC to another clip it will copy the animations with it, so it is often easier to use the add edit workflow.

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    Re: Colour correction "through the day"

    David is spot on - and that downside has bit many in the butt in the past so just be careful.  I agree with davids suggestion.


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    Re: Colour correction "through the day"

    Make it monochrome and its all sorted :-)

    As long as the whole duration is within one clip you can keyframe the change over time. If you have multiple clips making up the sequence I'd mixdown to a flat single clip and CC that.


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