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  • Thu, Jun 18 2015 2:09 PM

    How to archive an Interplay project, but keep some of the media?

    I'm trying to come up with a good solution for an Interplay client and wanted to bounce some ideas off of the brain trust. 


    The general workflow in place is to AMA link and Transcode footage to H264 8000 Proxy MXF, check in to Interplay, edit and the re-link to AMA and Transcode finished sequences to DNx145 (and of course check in to Interplay). That's been working well for them. 


    Now comes the time to archive a project. The method I was planning to use was to Master final sequences, back up the Avid project and any non-Avid assets (GFX, scripts, music, etc) to LTO. Then I was going to select the project folder in Interplay Access and delete Metadata Only to force Orphan Clips. Then after some period of time has passed, someone could go into Orphan Clips and clean out anything in there by deleting the media. 


    The wrinkle comes with the fact that the client would like to keep the low res H264 8000 Proxy MXF media available online in Interplay. I know that one could choose to select to delete hi-res media only using the checkboxes in the delete window, but I would think this would create the problem of leaving those low res clips still orphaned as there is no metadata attached to them in Interplay any longer. 


    The only things that I can think to do would be to launch the Avid project again and check it back into another "Archived Projects" folder on Interplay so that the low res media is no longer Orphaned. Or possibly create another ISIS workspace that is used only for the low res media creation and just never delete anything from that workspace. There's probably 6 or 7 other caveats to either of the two solutions I've come up with in the last 12 hours so I'm hoping for some advice. 

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  • Thu, Jun 25 2015 9:47 AM In reply to

    Re: How to archive an Interplay project, but keep some of the media?

    Hi Kenton,

    we trying same here, in case of archiving and keeping the lowres files for further production:

    Ingest with multires / check into interplay

    Editing Hi/lo Res

    Archiving whole project and Hi/Low + GFX,Sound) to LTO 

    Deleting Hires, keeping Low Res project into Interplay as long as the client need it.


    BUT we would like to share the Multires Files: HIRES to an Hires-workspace - LOWRes to an Lowres-Workspace,

    didnt find any solution - how to seperate during ingest. Than it would be easy to handle.


    Best Joern



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