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  • Thu, Apr 23 2015 8:30 PM

    Sequential trimming

    Hello everyone

    Suppose I have, say, 5 sequential clips on V1 track on the MC timeline and I want to equally trim the end of each clip - forward or backwards - by 5 frames. What's the way to do this all at once? Entering Trim mode and then pressing down Shift and clicking on the end of two or more clips doesn't work, since it only removes frames at cursor point. Any ideas?

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    Re: Sequential trimming

    With v1 and the fiirst clip highlighted, hit:



    LT-arrow 4 times



    Click on next clip. Do this for each clip. Should take 5 seconds tops, per clip.

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    Re: Sequential trimming

    If you want to do this over a longer range, instead of hitting the left arrow 4 times, type -4 onthe numeric keypad then press the keypad enter key.  From then on, just press the numeric enter key.  Avid will remeber the -4.

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    Re: Sequential trimming

    Thanks so much for the help, everyone. Wow! So, it has to be performed per clip, no way to do it on a series of clips. I must say I'm pretty amazed! I'm also using Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 and all I have to do is hold down Shift, click on each clips's end and trim accordingly. Why won't MC do that?

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    Re: Sequential trimming

    Why won't MC do that?
    In my world the odds of 2 adjacent clips each needing exactly the same trim off the end of them would be quite long. In my experience these odds would then lengthen exponentialiy each time you added another clip to an "automated" trim.  

    So from my view point I do not see a need for such a function when, as posted, it can achieved with a few keystrokes. 


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    Re: Sequential trimming

    Well, that's one way to see it but this doesn't mean that it is always the case. I had a 15-minute sequence, in the middle of which there was a photo presentation of the person the video was about. 50 photos with a Ken Burns effect and music. The director decided it took too long and went for a different audio track with a smaller duration. He wanted each photo to last equally, though, so all that was needed was to remove an equal number of frames to make the presentation fit the new smaller duration. Media Composer had me do it manually for each photo and wasting time when from within Premiere I would do it in seconds. ..

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