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  • Tue, Mar 10 2015 12:05 AM

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    Avid Unity Repurpose!!

    This is more theoretical than anything else but I want to throw it out there. 


    Alright, so while our Unity is getting a little long in the tooth, we have also not had a single issue with it and I would love to continue to use it. Has anyone considered restripping the drives and just using the hardware with a different software layer? Its probably more trouble than its worth but I would hate to toss out an old system because developement of the software has cessed. I imgaine I would run into issues with the proprietary FIRMWARE on the drives and other detatils, but at the end of the day, its just a bunch of disks. 


    I woud like to know what you all think. 



  • Tue, Mar 10 2015 5:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Avid Unity Repurpose!!

    "... I would hate to toss out an old system because developement of the software has cessed ..."

    Software development may have ceased, but the software is still working.  Why would you toss it out?  Surprise

    Unity is the best shared storage for Media Composer.  Newer non-Avid software might be available, but you'd be taking a hit on performance and functionality.  If/when the Unity no longer actually meets your needs, then maybe ...

    Meanwhile, although the firmware is required for proper operation of the Unity, it probably wouldn't stop you from using the drives generically.

    What version Unity, and where are you located?  If you do decide to "toss it out", I've got four Avid systems in Lusaka, Zambia, just waiting for Avid shared storage.  

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  • Tue, Mar 10 2015 8:51 PM In reply to

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    Re: Avid Unity Repurpose!!

    I’ve heard from customers that they are using FreeNAS on their old MediaNet engine.

    I’ve never done it so I can’t say, but it might be worth looking into.

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  • Thu, Feb 23 2017 7:01 PM In reply to

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    Re: Avid Unity Repurpose!!

    I hope you folks don't mind if I revisit this topic, but I have a similsr question here.  I've been asked if we can use our old Unity ver. 5.1.3 as shared storage for new workstations as a shorterm solution.  We need a new server, but it looks like we may be put off for a bit due to budgetary reasons.  

    The new workstations will be Windows 10 Pro with Adobe CC, and I was going to have fiber cards installed in them anyway, in order to use the existing installed fiber network. But then I got to thinking that we are use Fiber Manager to connect to the Unity now.  The new PCs won't have Fiber Manager software installed, obviously.

    Is this where we would use FreeNAS as a means to connect the new fiber cards to the Unity?

    Thanks in advance,

    DMVguy (Rick)

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  • Fri, Apr 7 2017 1:33 AM In reply to

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    Re: Avid Unity Repurpose!!

    Funny - we were just trying to come up with some low cost extra storage for graphics and near-online files and I looked at the 128TB of Avid Unity we have sitting in our storage room.  Hmmm.  If anyone has had success using FreeNAS (as a previous post suggested) or in running it for non-Avid purposes, please share!

    In a perfect world, we would make it accesible as NAS and use it for a bunch of stuff that does not need to be clogging up our ISIS 5000.  I know, I know.  We're like the museum of storage here.

    But if anyone can point us to a workflow that will convert this to useful general purposes storage...we'd be grateful.  or if there is an NYC Avid fiberchannel guru that wants to make this a weekend hobby project, we'll pay your day rate to tinker!



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