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  • Fri, May 16 2014 8:06 PM

    Compare Sequences

    A feature, I would use a lot:

     "Compare Sequences", i.e. a change list expressed as a new sequence with just the changes with handlelength.

    Thus enabeling an easy answer to the allways arising question from directors, producers, sound-post-guys and so on :"What is  changed since version 12?"

    Workflow could be like this: Highlight the two sequences in a bin, roll down tools menu, select "Compare Sequences", box pops up, type in handle length (time shown before and after each change), press OK, a new sequence is created in the bin, called something recognizable, show this sequence to the happy questioner.

    A discreet symbol appears somewhere in the frame at the actual change, a simple dot would do it. Or a minus or plus and a framecount. Thus everybody immediately would see, what consequences, changes made, have. Instead of me, the halfbrained editor, having to remember every single frame, I adjusted since last tuesday.

    Inspired by word processor software, that does it simply by highlighting changes in the text. Film is much more complicated, mathematically, I know, but here it is.

    Henrik Rostrup Fleischer


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    • jwrl
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    Re: Compare Sequences

    Automatically compare different versions of an edit?  You'd need a computer to do that!

    Oh, wait...

    Seriously, it might not be a particularly simple thing to handle.  For example, how would it deal with a sequence deleted early in the cut, with everything else the same?  How would you deal with shot or sequence re-ordering?  What if the changes that you made were in the nature of effects?

    To come up with an algorithm that would handle all possible variations and display the results in a manner meaningful to the user might not be trivial.  As you rightly say, film is potentially much more complex than a word processor document.  Personally, I think that the only valid way to show the result would not be as a sequence.  A flow chart would probably come closer to meeting the needs of this utility.

    This is the sort of thing that the open source, user supported software section handle well.  It's the kind of project that a single user would be likely to take on as a pet project and just put out there when there were actual results to see.

    In fact, an external program could be a better answer to your problem.  Then you could check changes across NLEs.  Let's assume that you have done your cut on MC, but finished in Resolve, making minor changes on the way.  You already have an AAF file from Avid, you dump out another from Resolve, and compare the two, creating a changes flow chart.  You could either just display that or print it out.

    Alternatively, you could add that functionality to the EDL manager.  That would tie it to any edit you could import into Avid whether by EDL, OMF or AAF.  Of course, you would not necessarily have to bring in the media as well.

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    Re: Compare Sequences

    Hi jwrl.

    Great thought on this brainstormer idea, you are absolutely right about the complexity, that quickly arises, when demands to the "easily resolved problems of ours, just press that red button there".

    A simpler goal could be just showing, what clips have been adjusted with a plus or minus frames, maybe an indication of new clips (by symbol in frame) and an indication of "here a clip has been removed". Leaving out any complex or effect parameter changes. This should cover most of the situations, I have needed this function.

    THanks a lot!



  • Sat, May 17 2014 10:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Compare Sequences

    ChangeLists have been part of FilmScribe since around 1994. Not saying it doesn't need to be updated, but the functionality is there. For conforming edited sound to changed picture inside ProTools, a lot of folks I know use Conformalizer.

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    • Kyle
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    Re: Compare Sequences

    +1. I was totally going to start a thread on this today. However I'd also  like the ability to split the timeline into two - with one sequence above and the other below with a common playhead for visual comparison 

  • Sat, May 17 2014 4:44 PM In reply to

    • stevecohen
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    Re: Compare Sequences

    As Job says -- FilmScribe is designed to do all these things. But it's pretty buggy now, and awkward to use. It's an essential tool, but it's badly in need of an overhaul. 

    It shows deletions, adds, trims, extensions and moves. It doesn't deal with visual effects changes at all. 

    I used it just yesterday and it crashed many times when comparing sequences with complex effects. But for basic cuts, it worked okay.

    One simple shortcut I'd love to see is a simple "tell me if these two sequences are identical" command.

    Regarding Kyle's comment -- you can gang two sequences together, no?


  • Sat, May 17 2014 5:05 PM In reply to

    • Kyle
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    Re: Compare Sequences

    You can gang two sequences together but you can't view both timelines simultaneously nor do I think you can sync the view of each timeline in the source/record timelines. 


    And I think the poster was referring to a way to visually see the changes that had been made ala word's track changes feature - which would be an amazing tool to have. 

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