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  • Thu, May 8 2014 5:17 PM


    First of All: Hi everyone, this is my first post, unfortunately this lasts weeks had been stressful for me, leading a change 

    from FC7 to AMC. 

      Yesterday had troubles with my project and Avid crash under an usual 

    ["Segmentation fault" in threat "MainThread", at addres 0x0] So i delete all .pmr/.mdb in my media files, reopen AMC 

    and still having the same Alert and quitting after clicking OK. Read in this Community, many people reinstall AMC even

     MacOS and still having the same Alert and crash. Well I bought one of those new Mac desktop, so i took the chance and 

    migrate. After install AMC and had the gladly surprise that AMC doesn't recognize mac's Audio Hardware, so my iPhone 

    headphones are passing like Bundle for this Avid. 

      NOW! My project open and everything was in place. When open my sequence and hit play that Alert Box slap me in the face again and told me "MainThread" and same history: hit ok and Crash, delete all .pmr/.mdb, reopen and Again.

      Don't only end this way. Because in the new Mac my project open just fine and letme navigate, i prove opening other

     sequence, but this time when I hit play a box said: [ Exception: std::exception, whatSegmentation fault: in thread 

    "PlayIOProc, at addres 0x0] hit OK and nothing happend. 

      I open a third sequence and a shining box appear: [CoreAudioManager::SupportsMasterVolume() iRep->iCurrentOutputDevice is set to NULL] 


    HAVE 48hrs late with my cut, now I hate Avid and know how start again after this history... SOME HELP?

    Pablo Rojas Queeeeee

    AMC 7 / MacPro 3.5GHz E5 / JBL

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    Re: "MainThread"::CoreAudioManager::


    First - it is probably not the best place to post " now I hate Avid and know how start again after this history" since most of the folks who respond actually like the product.


    Second, search is your friend.  The knowledge base and th forums have a lot of the information you need.

    Thirdly, do you have PTools on the same machine?

    Lastly, what version of MC are you using????  and Mac OS?????


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    Re: "MainThread"::CoreAudioManager::

    Hi Pablo,

    Congratulations on your switch to Media Composer. Yes many editors enjoyed FCP7 for a long time, and are now frustrated with the changes forced upon them by Apple. Fortunately Avid has been trusted by Apple users for 25 years, so we have a lot of experience and are eager to help.

    I'll assume from your post that you are using MC7.0.3 on one of the new MacPro (2014) cylander models.

    ["Segmentation fault" in threat "MainThread", at addres 0x0]

    Yes this is one of the most popular error messages people see today - and one of the most misunderstood. 90% of the time it is your Media Composer telling you that there is a problem with how it is trying to access media from a hard drive. And since there are endless ways for editors to organize their media differently from other editors (and different drive formatting; and different codecs; and corrupt file structures from cameras), it is understandable that the error message needs to be vague because edit systems just aren't as smart as editors. Take a look at the clips you are trying to access. Are they AVCHD? Are they H.264? Are they DNxHD? Please respond with details.

    [Exception: Segmentation fault "PlayIOProc, at addres 0x0]  [CurrentOutputDevice is set to NULL]

    These are both indicating a compatibility issue with your hardware - either a global problem or just some settings you need to change. You're not trying to attach an old Avid Mojo I/O box are you? Try running MC in software-only mode. See if that fixes it.


    And when you respond, please include as much technical detail about all of the equipment you have on your computer.

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    Re: "MainThread"::CoreAudioManager::

    Hate & Love I dont care, thats life at everymoment.


    well, YES! using AMC 7.0.3 with cylander Mac (3.5 GHz 6-Core E5, 32GBram) with MacOs 10.9.2. Using RAIDs from Promise  on thunderbolt and Lacies on eSATA using a respective converter to thunderbolt.

    Using too EuControl for Artist Trasnport.  I haven't install any other important sofware, no ProTool, no Symphony, no adobe no FCX... nothing else. The rest is skype, final draft, vlc and similar stuff.

    I tried get into a specific sequence, I have 5 mores that works ok, every one has 2hr of the cut Im working on, but in this one I had been working last 7days in the middle of inserting a scene and working on it for some seconds got on fault, I have the scene in other sequences and again works fine.

    The takes are shot on Sony's F3 at Prores 444, but Im working offline on xdcam EX 1080p24. And my sequence is at XDCAM EX 35Mbits MXF.

    I don't even know whats Mojo's works for. Just MC.


    Pura Vida!






    Pablo Rojas Queeeeee

    AMC 7 / MacPro 3.5GHz E5 / JBL

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