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  • Wed, Jul 24 2013 11:29 PM

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    Marrying subcap captions to media

    Hey all,

    I'm prepping some footage that is in Italian for editors that don't speak Italian. I've been making transcriptions that I can import into Avid for SubCap, which generates text cards on a separate video track in a sequence which each day of footage.

    I would like to create autosync'd subclips so that when they begin editing with the footage, they can splice in the video with the temporary captions, however I'm unable to autosync the subclips because they have the subcap effect on them. Is there any workaround for this?

    My video clips are multigrouped multicam clips, and they are at offline resolution, so baking in the captions won't work.

    I know they can drag the captioned sequence into the source monitor and splice in from there, however, when they begin refining their work, and if they want to matchframe back to the original media, it will not bring them to the captioned sequence, but to the multigrouped clip that does not have captions.

    My current idea is to also import markers that I can put on the multigrouped clips so that when they link back, although there are no captions, they will have markers with the translations that will be in line with where the caption effects would begin. Then, after refining, if there are captions missing, they can recreate them with subcap for a screening.

    Is there a better way!? This seems pretty clunky in practice but it's the best I could come up with without mixing down to one camera with baked in captions and creating subclips with V2 on the mixdown and V1 with the original media. I don't like that idea because it's more time/file space to mix down, and the captions are no longer editable, and can't be used if the editors want to look at another camera.



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    Re: Marrying subcap captions to media

    Something that MIGHT help.  There is a trick I learned in this forum recently.  Let's say you like to make a stringout of stuff and edit from it.  And you put lots of markers all over it.  Now you want to match back to that stringout.

    If the string out is not in the source window, Match goes to the actual underlying clip.  But if the stringout is in the source window, Match Frame (or is it Reverse Match frame? Try both.) goes back to the clip in the stringout.

    Now using this logic, I wonder if you have the Multigroup in the source window whether a Match (or Reverse Matchframe) will do what you want?

    Just a thought.

    Good luck,


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