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  • Wed, Nov 28 2012 4:12 PM

    Using stock titles for multiple sequences - but consolidating those sequences

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forums - I've been lurking here for a while for help with my Avid issues, but I can't seem to find anything relating to my current problem...

    I've been putting together interview videos with a very consistent style; 11 stock questions, in the form of simple titles, appear on-screen before the interviewee answers them in turn. Until recently I've created a new project for each new video - opening a bin from a separate project (where all the question titles are stored) and dragging them in. After nearly a hundred of these interviews, I've decided to do two things; move all of them into one project (organised into handy folders), and start consolidating each finished seqeunce to trim off the unused footage.

    My problem is this; how can I use these stock titles for each video, then consolidate each seqeunce without 'media offline'ing them? I really don't want to create new titles for each video, since they're all identical... Incidentally, there's also a company logo which goes on top of every video - and since that's one file too, I get the same problem.

    To clarify my current system, I keep my project files on a RAID array, but import and render everything to a different (and faster) external drive. When it comes time to consolidate/archive, I want to keep the sequences where they are, but consolidate the footage and effects to the RAID.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Using stock titles for multiple sequences - but consolidating those sequences

    Bumping for advice - and I should also add that there's a stock sound clip I use with the titles as well, which suffers the same fate...

    After mulling it over, I've considered deleting the video files outright, then leaving everything else as-is, with no consolidating. That way, the universal titles and jingle could all stay - and if I ever need to work on an old video again, I can just batch import its footage. Would that work at all, or am I just digging myself another hole?

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    Re: Using stock titles for multiple sequences - but consolidating those sequences

    hi adam,

    at first: welcome!

    to your archiving: it will be easier to recreate the titles and to batch_import your logo, as batch_import the footage.

    second: before consolidating you could decompose your sequences and then consolidate only masterclips - too much work for all the sequences.

    i would prefer the first one - consolidate and if you need it later, recreating the titles and logo (stored in your project_folder).

    good luck


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    peace from germany

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