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  • Thu, Sep 13 2012 3:32 PM

    Tapeless Workflow newbie

    I need help/instructions.

    I am new to the tapeless workflow, and am also a learn by trial and error editor who trained himself.  I cannot figure out for the life of me how to ingest footage that I shoot with my new camera.

    I shoot with a Sony EX1R and record to SxS cards.  I then transfer the files to an external hardrive connected to a desktop computer that has Avid Media Composer (v4.0.5)

    The camera came with a disc for XDCAM Browser, but it doesn't really seem to do anything other than play clips that I have shot.  So what's the purpose of that?

    The bottom line is that I went tapeless to save time thinking I could have instant access to things I've shot rather than having to "capture" video.  Thus I could bring a file in, edit it and export the sequence as a .wmv or whatever.

    Main problem:  I have no idea how to get access to the files I've shot.  They are .MP4 files

    I've looked around on the site and have not found anything that helped me.  Is there a video on youtube, or an instructor I can contact or anything at all to help me out?  I'm at a loss of how to continue and have edits coming soon that I won't be able to do unless I can get the footage into Avid. 


  • Thu, Sep 13 2012 3:40 PM In reply to

    Re: Tapeless Workflow newbie

    I'm not sure but I think your old version of MC won't let you AMA the XDCAM footage the way the new versions do.

    However I do believe the XDCAM browser software gives you the abilty to export the media files for NLE which basically rewraps the content from mp4 to MXF you can then copy those into the Avid media folder and use the media tool to drag master clips into your Avid bin.


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  • Thu, Sep 13 2012 3:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Tapeless Workflow newbie

    I saw that in the XDCAM Browser under file-export-but the "MXF for NLE" is greyed out.  Actually ALL those options are greyed out.

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    Re: Tapeless Workflow newbie

    In Avid, under File Menu, do you have Link to AMA Volumes as an option?

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    Re: Tapeless Workflow newbie


    In Avid, under File Menu, do you have Link to AMA Volumes as an option?

    I do.  And that's where things get interesting.  I can open a BPAV folder, then a CLPR folder which opens about 16 folders all numbered numerically from the camera.  Only 1 of those folders has an arrow by it to open it further.  If I look at that particular one it has another BPAV, CLPR and TAKR folder when I click it.  Avid allows me to see that particular file which is around 14 minutes in length.  None of the other numerically named files have that drop down arrow to open them further, thus AVID is not allowing me to open them.

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