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  • Tue, May 22 2012 5:59 PM

    Movie Slate Logging

    Hello all,

    Is there a website or a source out there on the internet which describes how to work with log files of various sorts from Movie Slate on an iPad, into Avid MC 6 ?


    My specific concern right now, is in regards to Locators.txt file.

    The scripty will send me an .ALE file and a locators.txt file. I have not figured out how to get the locators file to sync with the master clips (from digital sources) into the bin.

    Any information on this workflow would be great. I have also looked at the tutorials on the movie slate website, but they are mostly for using the app and not much help on the Post side.



  • Tue, May 22 2012 7:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    Just guessing here, but I think the fastest way to access these locators would be to create an AutoSequence of the footage for one shooting day, load that into Source or Record monitor, open the Marker Tool (or Locators tool), and from the Hamburger menu choose 'Import Markers' and point to the file from the Script Super.

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  • Wed, May 23 2012 11:06 PM In reply to

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    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    Another guess:

    Load the ALE into a bin with the corresponding clips.  You'll have options come up as to how to merge the ALE to the existing clips.  (I'd suggest that you make a copy of your bin/project as a backup before experimenting.)

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    Must think of something clever to go here...

  • Tue, Jun 5 2012 8:21 PM In reply to

    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    I have tried the first method and it would not import any of the locators.


    I have tried the second method, merging ALE with clips. First I AMA the P2 files, then transcode to Dnx75. Select all ".new" master clips, then (with master clips selected) go to import, navigate to the .ALE file....

    I have tried all of the different shot log import settings and none of them work except the known solution "Maintain events as logged". The 4 other merge options do not work with an error message...


    An error occured on event #1
    Exception: BIN_IMPORT_NO_MATCH


    and so on for the remaining events (lines)

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    • gumbaedit
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    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    I don't know a lot about the app, but do the timecodes of the events in the ALE match the files you've been given, frame for frame?  If they were shooting on tape, I can see how a bit of slop in the numbers would not be a pblem, since they are essentially giving you a log file for batch digitzing.  But if they are giving you files (red, p2, arri, etc.) and the ale is not accurate to the frame, then that could be the cause for the files not merging in the bin.  Is the prgram triggerd when the record button is hit?

    Also, best practice is when merging ALE with media that orginates using AMA, is to merge before transcoding.  That way, all metadeta is can be tracked al the way back to the original source.  If you merge after transcoding, you're original source AMA bins will be missing key information if you ever have to go back to them.

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    • AndersL
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    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    Did yo find a solution for this workflow?

    I'm very interested to hear if it can work with clips from an AMA linked file clip source.

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  • Wed, Feb 20 2013 4:25 PM In reply to

    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    As long as the Framerate matches (ALE Log file and footage) and timecode was synced between the record deck and logger, then you should be able to link the ALE file from movieslate. 

    *If your footage framerate doesn't match the ALE logged framerate, then you will have to transcode the files first.


    Start there.

  • Wed, Feb 20 2013 5:01 PM In reply to

    • Matt Feury
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    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    Sorry to tell you, but it's not possible to do this with source clips.  Hopefully someday not too far off.

  • Thu, Nov 6 2014 10:20 PM In reply to

    • ManChicken
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    Re: Movie Slate Logging

    Matt Feury:

    Sorry to tell you, but it's not possible to do this with source clips.  Hopefully someday not too far off.

    And, almost two years later... ?

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