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  • Thu, Feb 2 2012 6:57 PM

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    AMA Workflow with Facilis Terrablock

    Hello all,

    I have never experienced this level of frustration with Avid and a media storage device. My company uses MC 5.5 on Win7 64 bit systems and a facilis Terrablock 24D. We work in an AMA workflow from Sony XDCAM EX footage. We updated our MC at the sametime we bought the TB server so I don't know what to troubleshoot. We run fibre optic to all systems so bandwith shouldn't be an issue. Our systems are so painfiully slow; closing a bin, opening a bin, saving the project, dropping clips on the timline, switching from the desktop to avid, all these actions can take 15s-30s with all the screen turning white and not responding. I plan on doing tests to see if transcoding all footage to mxf will make a difference?

    I am wondering if anybody else is experiencing this with AVID

    All our systems are either XW8600(8 cores) or z400(8 cores) 8gb ram.


    I am ready to toss in the towel.


  • Thu, Feb 2 2012 7:00 PM In reply to

    Re: AMA Workflow with Facilis Terrablock

    I'd be tempted to move a test setup to local storage and see how that behaves. Then try with local project but remote media etc.


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    Re: AMA Workflow with Facilis Terrablock

    In my experience, that the material XDCAM EX through the AMA has a much longer response than the same material in the consolidation of AVID MXF. Will especially when sequences longer than 10 minutes. I use a local repository. Try to consolidate EX from the AMA.

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    Re: AMA Workflow with Facilis Terrablock

    We actually have a very similar setup here. The only difference is that I'm using MC6 instead of 5.5, but I have the exact same issues as you. When working with P2 footage stored on the Terrablock server by AMA via fiber optic cables, the same sort of delays occur as you are experiencing.


    I have yet to try moving the P2 footage to local storage to test the speed differences as I simply haven't had the time, but I'm going to try that myself and see if there's a difference. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has similar experiences and/or workarounds.



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    Re: AMA Workflow with Facilis Terrablock

    We have 2 MC 5.5.2 systems running on Z800 6core machines connected via 8G fibre to our Facilis 24D. We were using local eSATA storage as of last October. But we moved everything to the TB 24D then and I can't say we notice much difference in responsiveness from the local storage. The TB is zippy as can be. All of our Avid media is MXF and we use AMA for the P2 content.

    We use P2 content that we put on a dedicated volume on the TB. When I want to use it, I use "Link to AMA Volume" within Avid and the media pops into the bin YELLOW and is ready to go right away with no waiting. It handles like its local since its also on the same fibre channel as the Avid Media files except in the different volume. Not sure what might be your slow down or lagging. Did you have your installing dealer check it out? Maybe a call to Facilis? It might be a setup issue on the Fibre channel switch or HBAs? We had it installed, so I can't really help with those things. We don't have a Fibre Channel switch. We went direct to the 24D with 4 connection points. 2 Avids, 1 Z400 running a Digital Rapids encoder and 1 spare. We have several machines connected via Ethernet for logging, ingest and such.

    Good Luck

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