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  • Fri, Jan 20 2012 6:59 PM

    • Trent Watts
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    Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    I know this is a loaded question, but I hate getting into the never-ending technical side of computer specs.  I'm starting up a production company and want to do all my post production on Avid.  What is the best workstation configuration I could get for roughly $5,000, including monitor.  I'm open to Mac or PC

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    Re: Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    Exciting to see new companies.  Yes under $5k is very doable.  You'll hear a lot of PC folks chime-in, but for the Macs right now, it's 27" iMac and MC6 soft.  Rock solid.  Here are the details:


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    • LewS
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    Re: Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    Try starting here by looking at qualified Avid systems and price the ones you are interested in online. A qualified system means Avid has tested this hardware and certified it to run Media Composer correctly.


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    • Camilo
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    Re: Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    If you are looking to build your own, check out the Videoguys DIY setup for some decent guidlines...

    Good Luck!





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    • jwrl
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    Re: Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    Another Videoguys DIY fan here, too.

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    • videoguy
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    Re: Workstation Setup for Under $5,000

    We have Avid editors all over the world running Media Composer on one fo our DIY builds. We do not sell the computers, we offer our DIY guides as a reciped that you can follow, or bring to your local compouter expert to build for you.

    Our latest DIY project is DIY9 and it uses the new Sandy Bridge-E CPU and X79 motherboard chipset. We have not yet built this machine, but wwe already hve a ton of editors who have followed the guide with great success.

    Our DIY builds are great choice for those on a budget. That said, an HP Z600/800 is certified and loaded with performance. You pay a premium for it, but these HP workstations deliver.

    One of the biggest problem areas for Media Composer is graphics cards. We ONLY recommend Quadro cards for Avid. The Quadro600 is a low cost solution that gets the job done, but the Quadro2000 is a MUCH better card. Our go to card is the Quadro4000 becuase it not only works great with Avid, it works great with Adobe Premiere & After Effects.

    Good luck on your build. For SDI I/O we recommend getting either a Matrox MXO2 LE, AJA Kona LHI or Motu HX-SDI. If you don;t need SDI, check out the MXO 2 Mini. The Avid MojoDXis an excellent prodcut, but it is expensive. We offer some really great bundles with MC6 and your choice of hardware.




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