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  • Fri, Nov 18 2011 7:36 PM

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    making Backups creating Crumb errors

    I am backing up old projects by consolidating them to an external hard-disk to free up server space for more current projects in edit.

    In the past, this has been as simple as mounting an external hard-drive, consolidating to that hard drive, and then saving the project files/folders on that drive where the media has been consolidated to.


    however, currently I have two projects that are sort of on-going stories... they keep updating... but the project is getting so large that as a precaution I have been asked to back them up.


    So.. I make a new project and name it "[project name] Archive" then pull the media into it from interplay on to fresh sequences... and then consolidate all the media to the destination external backup drive.


    unfortunately, NOW much of my original media is offline... most of the clips of ended up in "Un-Checked in Avid Assets" and many of the clips cause "Exception: Crumb_Error" when I play them.

    Also, many of the other clips show offline media, but examining them shows all the media is there, but the clip's duration has been doubled, and this new doubled media is what shows up as offline.. sometimes it's only audio, sometimes it's only video.


    My only guess is that the process of backing up the project to the external hard drive has somehow corrupted most of my clips.. and this seems to be common throught multiple projects, so perhaps my workflow for backing up projects in an Interplay Environment is screwing me here...


    has anyone experienced anything similar? or perhaps has some advice on a better backup workflow than simply consolidating?

    oh, I should add that the consolidation options I've been using have been to relink master clips to media on the target drive.  My reason for doing this so when I consolidate the raw, it stays linked to the edited master sequences...

    perhaps this is the very cause of my problem? 


    I've got about 5 TB worth of media spread across 2 or 3 dozen projects that will eventually all need to go through this same process, REALLY don't want to currupt all my media as i back it up... *cries* ;)


    cheers, and thanks y'all.


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