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Try Out Nine Unique Eleven Rack Patches From David Torn (splattercell)

Only published comments... Aug 02 2010, 04:30 PM by Avid Community Team
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We’re excited to introduce a special guest blogger to Inside Out: multi-talented composer and guitarist David Torn. He’s been using Eleven Rack since it launched, and has created some killer patches for his own projects. We’re stoked that he agreed to share them with you here. Thanks, David! – Avid Community Team


hi,  folks.
david torn, (also, aka splattercell), here.
i'm a composer &  guitarist, ECM recording artist, texturalist & occasional producer of music;
i haven't bothered to associate myself with any single musical idiom, but remain focused on
the art & efforts towards personal  expression.
i love music.
i've worked w/ david bowie, tim berne, jan  garbarek, john legend, tori amos, chocolate
genius, david sylvian, don cherry,  kd lang, john legend, madonna, etc,
and have scored films like "Lars  & the Real Girl," "Friday Night Lights," "The Wackness,"
"Anvil," etc.


about my patches:
well... i'm really happy  to be giving all y'all this stuff.
please consider these patches to be  works-in-progress, originally programmed to fulfill my
own specific sonic needs in the studio.
i continuously program more of 'em, as i happily persist in playing the eleven rack daily.
note that i do make use of the True-Z  parameter in the patches;
as well, check the external FX-loop  programming in the patches, as i tend to use it,
and... i haven't used the internal FX pedal switches too much, myself, yet... but you surely can
do so.
i've recorded clips for many of the patches for ya, to give some indicators as to my own use of
i do tend to use the  volume & tone ctrls on my gtrs, fwiw.
gtrs used on the clips were primarily a D'Pergo AVCL and a Teuffel Niwa.
enjoy these, i hope!



Li'l Blackface Stack DT


D2 Deepreth DT


D3 WOT Bayou DT


D4 Spacious DT


E4 Xovah DT


F3 Cypress Fog DT


G2 Decellorate DT


H2 Clunch DT


J2 Boneclip DT


Download All Patches (TFX)




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